Inches Inches mm
1/500" .002" 0.05mm
1/350" .003" 0.07mm
1/256" .004" 0.1mm
1/128" .008" 0.2mm
1/96" .010" 0.3mm
1/64" .015" 0.4mm
1/40" .025" 0.6mm
1/32" .031" 0.8mm
1/24" .040" 1mm
1/20" .050" 1.3mm
1/16" .0625" 1.6mm
1/12" .084" 2mm
1/10" .094" 2.5mm
1/8" .125" 3mm


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Enterprise idea:
Core values: green, integrity.
Green is the essence of life, the source of sustainable development. "Do green enterprise citizen" in charge of environmental protection concept, through in the champions league sheng every little link. All raw materials, auxiliary materials used by companies with green environmental protection as a basic rule, all the research and development and promotion of green environmental protection as the most fundamental premise, to promote the greening of surface decoration materials products.
Good faith. It has of sincerity, human speech of letter. Sheng person committed, promote commitment, commitment, adhere to provide customers with the best quality, stable with glitter powder products as creed, enterprise wholeheartedly for all partners to provide the safest and most efficient service, in good faith with customers hand in hand for common development!

Management idea:
Not biggest, "Crown Road" stick to "pursue the strongest" quality concept, depending on the technology innovation as the source of enterprise sustainable development! To made in China to created in China, efforts to develop new technology, new technology, break through the traditional process of technical bottlenecks, make China's best technology, best quality with glitter powder, onion powder to do high quality gold representatives!

Talent concept:
Talent is the core of assets and the most competitive source, is the enterprise sustainable development a steady stream of power. As a pursuit of technology, advocate innovation enterprise, sheng believes that the first-class enterprise, must be equipped with a first-class talent. At the same time, responsibility is to do what business can provide optimal development platform, enterprise can provide optimal salary welfare, solve the partners of the trouble back at home, let all the champions league sheng together with progress, share the achievements and glory.